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Interior Collection from Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy

The 70s had it all! its influence on interiors has transcended generations like few eras. Styled by Greenhouse Interiors, the NEW 2018 collection from Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy has selected the best elements of the iconic decade and infused them throughout this opulent new releases! Amigos de Hoy brings elevated bohemian glamour with a new collection of hand-made and artisan pieces. From vintage floral inspired prints and patterns, to Moroccan influences the collection’s textile pieces deliver on both quality and style. And of course no 70s inspired collection would be complete without a scattering of gold. New Tom Tom drums pick up where the brand’s popular Joanie and Stevie tambourines left off, and are a continuation of musical references seen throughout the range.

Stylist Julie Green from Greenhouse Interiors says, “The 70’s was a time for rock ‘n’ roll, bold colour, shaggy textures, and letting your hair down. Rules were there to be broken; clashing wallpapers dominated, and it’s all sneaking right back in where it came from, albeit in a more refined and toned- down way, reflected perfectly in the new ranges from Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy”

Sourced from ethically produced leather, the rugs and accessories are a favourite for the sustainably conscious interior design world. They have added rich jewelled tones and threads of gold into their textural elements while also referencing retro florals and moroccan patterns and weaves. Like I said, the best of the 70’s has come to play within this new collection.

Immerse yourself in relaxed opulence and evoke classic glamour with the stunning new Optico from Art Hide. Think Mad Men Art Deco meets 70s iconic rock star glam, and you've nailed it. Inspired by wallpaper of the era, curved and hard edges make up this incredible design.

Bree Hay-Hendry,Creative Director of the brands added “It’s been a blast researching and designing for the latest ranges. I’ve been allowed to indulge my love for all things retro, and peppered these touches throughout the range. For Art Hide we went with luxurious finishes and colours, while at Amigos we referenced the more carefree elements from the era”




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