How to create a cosy and stylish living room

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Whether you have just built your dream house or need a hand rejuvenating your existing place, one of the most important spaces in any home is the living room. 

When I help my styling clients with their living areas, it's just as important to make sure the space feels comfortable and inviting, as well as look stylish - and not just for you, but for your guests as well to relax, entertain and enjoy. 

Below I have compiled my go-to tips on how to create a cosy and stylish living room to help you create a space you, and your guests, will love!

Kirsty xx 

1 - Invest well in key items in your living area: rug, couch and artwork

Purchase Limited Edition prints from artists when choosing artwork instead of mass produced prints from leading retailers. It is always great to have something unique in the home and Limited Edition prints are always more affordable than original artwork.

When choosing the right rug it is not only great to purchase something that looks and feels amazing which is why we recommend Armadillo and Co. Rugs but also a company that cares about their environment. They not only look stylish but are natural and sustainable, 100% handmade and are socially responsible.

2 - Create a cosy and inviting feel to your living room: consider using a warm colour palette

While cool tones seem to be quite popular as of late, they tend to work better in more modern and contemporary spaces. If your goal is to create an inviting and comfortable space, then you are probably better sticking to a warm colour palette.

Warm tones can be present in the paint colour, flooring, furniture, and décor pieces. Keep in mind that warm colours don’t have to mean dark colours; you can still pick lighter shades that are in the warm palette range. Cane rattan and timber furniture pieces and even a jute rug can create a more relaxed and earthy feel to any space.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix different textures and styles in the one room - this includes plants and lots of them!

You want to put your own creative spin into the space, which means a little mixing and matching. Often people will walk into a furniture store, look at how a particular living room line is displayed, and just buy all the pieces. While there is nothing wrong with this, it doesn’t tend to make the room feel comfortable and unique.

Go ahead and play around with colours, textures, fabrics, style of furniture, prints, and solids. As long as you remain in the same colour palette and don’t pick too many items that are meant to be “focal points”, then the room will flow together nicely. Plants can be used as a decorative element and can add a relaxed and stylish look to your home, keeping in mind of how much light in the room when choosing the right plant for the selected space.

4. Make it easy to move through the space

Part of making a room feel comfortable is making sure it’s easy to walk through and flows nicely. What this means is that you need a clear walk-through path so that you’re not jumping over items and shimmying through the space.

 5. Use rugs to define the space

Rugs can be used over wood, laminate, tiles, and even carpeted floor and will literally transform the way the space looks and feels. Invest in a high quality rug for this space, as is high traffic and needs to be durable for this space.

 6. Lighting and ambience

Lighting should always play a prominent role in the design stage, but is one item that people tend to think of as an afterthought.

Soft lighting will help to create a warm and cosy ambience. Rather than going with a harsh overhead fixture (preferably above the dining table or kitchen bench), you can look into table and floor lamps and wall light sconces, if you have the wall space.


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