Autumn Interior Trends for 2018

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Trend prediction is not only one of my favourite things to read about, it’s also something I absolutely take into consideration when doing a project.

Various elements are taken into consideration when trend predictions are made: movements in society, travel destinations, colours, global trends etc. And these are worked out and translated into fashion or interiors.

The Autumn trend for 2018 features a collection of rich hues inspired by traditional cultures. Warm terracotta, rust tones, soft grey-greens and cosy neutral colours from a Middle Eastern influence.

Cosy up your home with Autumnal hues; sophisticated earthy shades with light neutrals will dominate alongside tribal inspired textured funishings - perfect for creating a cocooning and nurturing space that home enthusiasts crave this time of year.

The beauty of longer-lasting investment trends, rather than mass-produced fads (copper I’m looking at you!), is that you’re not redesigning your space season after season.

So let’s take a look at some of the key pieces that you’ll fall in love with now, and a must have to be on trend this Autumn.

Texture and Tactility

One of the biggest interior trends of 2018 so far is texture, and that continues to translate effortlessly into autumn and winter.

Velvet and skins still remain a popular fabric across furniture too! Can we just talk about how amazing this burnt orange Sheepskin is please by Society of Wanders – and with our rattan Cane Club chair, it creates a deliciously tactile reading nook.

Don’t be scared to team unexpected fabrics together wood and velvet, rattan and mohair and concrete and plants, for example, all work incredibly well together.

Below are some of my favourite pieces of texture to make your home a more tactile place this season:

Modern Nomad

Following on from the trends of last year, Modern Nomad brings together an eclectic combination of homewares, inspired by travels across the world.

The key to this trend is to showcase a carefully curated mix of artefacts against a simple white backdrop, while textures such as rattan and concrete should be layered to add interest.

Don’t worry if you’re not travelling too far this autumn, you can create your own modern nomad feel to your house with these pieces.

Natural Beauty

Although cacti and succulents haven’t quite disappeared off the radar just yet, plant life makes its way out of the desert and into the jungle this season.

Monsteria leafs and Strelitzia palms remain a favourite, while a fiddle leaf adds a pop of colour to any room.

Of course, for those of us who are less than green fingered, have pets or are just plain forgetful, faux botanicals are the perfect alternative.

Just throw in a couple of woven wicker planters and you’ve captured two dominating autumnal trends in one!

Get the look yourself with these ideas below, incorporating pieces from our stockists at Luxe Style Co. 


Styling tips

  • Add texture to your home: source cushions with a pattern (maybe embroidery), fringing or tassel detailing, oversized knits, luxurious velvets, even a sheepkin to create that cozy feel!

  • Introduce funiture and accessories in warm natural materials such as rattan, warm timbers, stone and linens. Woven baskets, lighting, textured wall hangings even bold abstract art.

  • Pair rich colours with a soft neutral to create a balance in the overall look.

  • Use pops of black in furniture and accessories to create a more contemporary  and modern vibe to the space.

  • And last of all plenty of greenery for that organic relaxed vibe in your home.

Happy styling,

Kirsty Xx



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