How to Design a kitchen that works for you

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A guide to creating the perfect kitchen to suit you and your family's lifestyle.


Long gone are the days where the kitchen was used simply as a place for cooking and washing up.

Today, the kitchen is the hardest working room of the home. A place for homework, dining, entertaining, and spending time together as a family, the kitchen needs to be an efficient multi-purpose space that caters to the needs of every family member, factors that have been considered at the design stage.

From kitchen layout to finishing fixtures and storage, here's how to make sure your kitchen is perfect for you:


Your floor plan should be designed with your family's needs in mind. If there is going to be a lot of activity in the kitchen, dual-access entries are a great option, allowing the zone to have better flow and operate more seamlessly.

Consider your appliances when deciding upon benchtop space — how much room will you need for meal prep? If you're planning to use the kitchen to read and write, ensure there is an island or designated bench space to accommodate.

Kitchens are beginning to accommodate technology, becoming a space where we can place a computer to pay bills and check recipes and emails. A narrow space is often just enough for a small bench and a statement stool. *Photo: Maree Homer /*
Kitchens are beginning to accommodate technology, becoming a space where we can place a computer to pay bills and check recipes and emails. A narrow space is often just enough for a small bench and a statement stool. Photo: Maree Homer /

Remember that when planning your kitchen layout, functionality is key. Apply the work triangle: ensure the sink, fridge and stovetop are placed at the three points of the triangle with even spacing between each point. If your fridge or cupboard is too close to the stovetop, cooking with pots and pans with handles can become impractical.


Not only does your kitchen fit out need to accommodate your aesthetic approach, it also needs to serve your family's practical needs.

Leading real estate group Mirvac offer their Homes by Mirvac residential clients kitchen design advice that specifically serves their household's individual needs, providing assistance with floor plans, appliances, benchtops, pantries, sinks and even natural lighting.

"Everybody's idea of the dream kitchen will be slightly different but we focus on designing kitchens that are efficient for the cook, provide a social function for family and guests and integrate naturally with the living space," says Mirvac's General Manager of Design, Marketing and Sales, Diana Sarcasmo. "Nobody wants a benchtop that stains or scratches so every material is put through a rigorous testing procedure before it is included in our schedule of finishes."

Ensure your kitchen has task lighting for cooking, cabinetry and work spaces. Natural lighting can make a space feel larger and brighter during the day. *Photo: Maree Homer /*
Ensure your kitchen has task lighting for cooking, cabinetry and work spaces. Natural lighting can make a space feel larger and brighter during the day. Photo: Maree Homer /

If you're living with little ones, hard-wearing surface materials and soft-close drawers are a smart investment. You'll save money in the long run, and new innovative designs allow for both function and style.

"Kitchens are expensive to update," says Sarcasmo. "Therefore it's important that the materials and finishes are contemporary but timeless and above all, durable."


Start by listing everything your kitchen needs to house: pots, pans, glassware, cutlery, crockery etc., then divide each into different categories. Aim to give each category its own place and allow that to determine your storage choices. This will help to make sure your kitchen will be able to fit everything in.

Drawers usually work better underneath benches than cabinets do, allowing for more visual access. Cupboards are the best option for storing glassware, food and cleaning products. If you prefer a walk-in pantry, go for a combination of drawers and cupboards to cope with all situations.

Splashbacks are an easy way to add extra interest to your kitchen. Try a chalk splashback and inject a little bit of fun into your daily routine — the kids will love it. *Photo: Armelle Habib /*
Splashbacks are an easy way to add extra interest to your kitchen. Try a chalk splashback and inject a little bit of fun into your daily routine — the kids will love it. Photo: Armelle Habib /

Kitchen islands are a clever place to implement extra storage. Clever designs now include extra cupboards and drawers, as well as sinks, power points and even wine fridges. If your family is growing, consider implementing extra storage for your future needs. The most efficient kitchens evolve with you and your family.

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Introducing.....Bohemian Rhapsody

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Interior Collection from Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy

The 70s had it all! its influence on interiors has transcended generations like few eras. Styled by Greenhouse Interiors, the NEW 2018 collection from Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy has selected the best elements of the iconic decade and infused them throughout this opulent new releases! Amigos de Hoy brings elevated bohemian glamour with a new collection of hand-made and artisan pieces. From vintage floral inspired prints and patterns, to Moroccan influences the collection’s textile pieces deliver on both quality and style. And of course no 70s inspired collection would be complete without a scattering of gold. New Tom Tom drums pick up where the brand’s popular Joanie and Stevie tambourines left off, and are a continuation of musical references seen throughout the range.

Stylist Julie Green from Greenhouse Interiors says, “The 70’s was a time for rock ‘n’ roll, bold colour, shaggy textures, and letting your hair down. Rules were there to be broken; clashing wallpapers dominated, and it’s all sneaking right back in where it came from, albeit in a more refined and toned- down way, reflected perfectly in the new ranges from Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy”

Sourced from ethically produced leather, the rugs and accessories are a favourite for the sustainably conscious interior design world. They have added rich jewelled tones and threads of gold into their textural elements while also referencing retro florals and moroccan patterns and weaves. Like I said, the best of the 70’s has come to play within this new collection.

Immerse yourself in relaxed opulence and evoke classic glamour with the stunning new Optico from Art Hide. Think Mad Men Art Deco meets 70s iconic rock star glam, and you've nailed it. Inspired by wallpaper of the era, curved and hard edges make up this incredible design.

Bree Hay-Hendry,Creative Director of the brands added “It’s been a blast researching and designing for the latest ranges. I’ve been allowed to indulge my love for all things retro, and peppered these touches throughout the range. For Art Hide we went with luxurious finishes and colours, while at Amigos we referenced the more carefree elements from the era”




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Bedroom Styling Tips for 2019

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Simple is boring but outdated is much more boring. One of the things that is rapidly changing nowadays is the trend of bedroom styles. The themes of bedrooms are always changing and the fact that it’s already half of the year already makes a lot of people excited for the coming bedroom trend for the coming year!

But why are bedroom styles rapidly changing? What are the things to look forward to next year? And what are, instead, those things that will never be out of style?

If you are a person who always catches up with what’s new, but at the same time look for things which will last over current trends, then this article about bedroom trends for 2019 is perfect for you. But before I give you the things that you have to have in your checklist for bedroom styles and trends next year, let’s first identify the reason why styles are always changing — at least for bedrooms.

The major reason why bedroom styles are always changing is first because bedroom styles are based on a person’s preferences. Bedroom is the most intimate room of the house and it’s where you can venture something different. Also today, because there is more content on the internet, most people rely on them to see what’s new and what’s trendy and find very easy inspiration for a new decor. It is already given that the change of styles in inevitable.

Now let’s take a closer look at the things that you should consider when redecorating your bedroom which will never go out of style, together with those things that will catch up in next year’s bedroom trend.

    1. Minimalist bedroom design

      Your bedroom should be spacious. Yes, I know, not all people were lucky enough to have a wide bedroom and most people would have the regular, standard size of the room. Working with a minimalist decor, by decluttering useless stuff, is the best way to make your bedroom feel bigger. That’s probably why minimalism is becoming a big trend for bedroom design. Here are a couple of my favourite pics.....

      1. Natural materials for well-being

      Even more in the bedroom, the trend is to create an healthy place, where we can sleep well and relax. For this reason, the favourite materials at present for bedroom are wooden and woven furniture.

      If you’re thinking of changing your bed anytime soon, please do get yourself a wooden bed. Not only that it is sturdy and safe, but it also never goes out of style. Wooden bedroom furniture might also be a perfect match for your wooden bed. These type of things also give out that sense of refreshment because they are naturally made, and no synthetic materials were used.  Wide, clutter-free and scented rooms always look fresh and trendy. Another thing that wooden furniture can benefit you is that they always look classy and trendy. So even if bedroom trend changes very often, you wouldn’t worry about getting a new bed or new furniture because they always fit the trend.

      If you are thinking for something very trendy at present and in next year, you can also opt for a woven bed with an headboard in Vienna straw or woven wicker: we have some gorgeous designs online available.

      1. Handcrafted quality

      Speaking of bedroom furniture, you might also want to consider getting some handmade furniture. Expertly handcrafted wooden bedroom furniture can also bring a unique and bespoke look to the room. Handmade things always imply care and love, and also you will have an unique piece which is not same as other hundred bedrooms. Maybe you can invest in just one piece of handmade furniture or a feature wall to give character to your bedroom.

      1. Imperfect finishes

      Starting from the wall finishes, the trend now is to opt for a non-perfect final effect with a wabi-sabi touch. Also, so not forget to add some layers of natural fabrics such as brushed cotton, linens, cushions, keeping it simple by coordinating in a casual way different hues.

      As for the interiors, the term Wabi Sabi indicates the most current decorative trend today , which sees the transformation of minimalism into something more. Imperfect interiors, in which the material and tactile aspect of the finishes on the decoration prevails, in asymmetric layouts, in the appreciation of the imperfect as a value of the handmade.

      That said, it is clear how white or simply painted walls do not fit into this kind of aesthetics. Rather, we return to finishes with a tactile value and a lived-in look . Here is a variation in the Wab-Sabi look ....


      Happy Styling, Kirsty xx






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      Autumn Interior Trends for 2018

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      Trend prediction is not only one of my favourite things to read about, it’s also something I absolutely take into consideration when doing a project.

      Various elements are taken into consideration when trend predictions are made: movements in society, travel destinations, colours, global trends etc. And these are worked out and translated into fashion or interiors.

      The Autumn trend for 2018 features a collection of rich hues inspired by traditional cultures. Warm terracotta, rust tones, soft grey-greens and cosy neutral colours from a Middle Eastern influence.

      Cosy up your home with Autumnal hues; sophisticated earthy shades with light neutrals will dominate alongside tribal inspired textured funishings - perfect for creating a cocooning and nurturing space that home enthusiasts crave this time of year.

      The beauty of longer-lasting investment trends, rather than mass-produced fads (copper I’m looking at you!), is that you’re not redesigning your space season after season.

      So let’s take a look at some of the key pieces that you’ll fall in love with now, and a must have to be on trend this Autumn.

      Texture and Tactility

      One of the biggest interior trends of 2018 so far is texture, and that continues to translate effortlessly into autumn and winter.

      Velvet and skins still remain a popular fabric across furniture too! Can we just talk about how amazing this burnt orange Sheepskin is please by Society of Wanders – and with our rattan Cane Club chair, it creates a deliciously tactile reading nook.

      Don’t be scared to team unexpected fabrics together wood and velvet, rattan and mohair and concrete and plants, for example, all work incredibly well together.

      Below are some of my favourite pieces of texture to make your home a more tactile place this season:

      Modern Nomad

      Following on from the trends of last year, Modern Nomad brings together an eclectic combination of homewares, inspired by travels across the world.

      The key to this trend is to showcase a carefully curated mix of artefacts against a simple white backdrop, while textures such as rattan and concrete should be layered to add interest.

      Don’t worry if you’re not travelling too far this autumn, you can create your own modern nomad feel to your house with these pieces.

      Natural Beauty

      Although cacti and succulents haven’t quite disappeared off the radar just yet, plant life makes its way out of the desert and into the jungle this season.

      Monsteria leafs and Strelitzia palms remain a favourite, while a fiddle leaf adds a pop of colour to any room.

      Of course, for those of us who are less than green fingered, have pets or are just plain forgetful, faux botanicals are the perfect alternative.

      Just throw in a couple of woven wicker planters and you’ve captured two dominating autumnal trends in one!

      Get the look yourself with these ideas below, incorporating pieces from our stockists at Luxe Style Co. 


      Styling tips

      • Add texture to your home: source cushions with a pattern (maybe embroidery), fringing or tassel detailing, oversized knits, luxurious velvets, even a sheepkin to create that cozy feel!

      • Introduce funiture and accessories in warm natural materials such as rattan, warm timbers, stone and linens. Woven baskets, lighting, textured wall hangings even bold abstract art.

      • Pair rich colours with a soft neutral to create a balance in the overall look.

      • Use pops of black in furniture and accessories to create a more contemporary  and modern vibe to the space.

      • And last of all plenty of greenery for that organic relaxed vibe in your home.

      Happy styling,

      Kirsty Xx



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      How to achieve two looks, with the one space.

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      Everyone loves a fun and vibrant space! Whether it's for the kids lounge room, a sunroom or your family room; I am a person who never shys away from colour, texture and greenery.

      In this blog post I'll show you how to achieve two different looks, created for the one space - inspiring you to make a space your own and mix it up.

      Showcasing some of our favourite items here at Luxe Style Co, it really is amazing how artwork can make such a difference to the room.

       Look One 

      Look one features a vibrant piece from Melbourne-based artist Kirsten Jackson.

      Kirsten says her main motivation is to portray the inherent beauty and harmony that exists in the inter-relationship of colour, composition and form.

      This style of painting is bold and are very much a statement piece - a look which will draw attention, create a positive energy and make the room come alive. 

      Look two

      Look two features a classic colour palette with contemporary art from another Australian artist, Antoinette Ferwerda.

      Her work has established her amongst the leading contemporary Australian landscape artists working today. 

      Antoinette's signature Hills is inspired by countryside drives and monolithic rock sculptures. The'Copper Hills' piece featured in our style here, was created as the partner print to work alongside 'Autumn Hills'.

      It captures the classic palette of pastel grey, white, peach and a touch of black and copper sunset colours across her Hills landscape and is very versatile complementing different pieces in your home. 

      All pieces are on our website and I've listed the different pieces used to create these looks below, so you can mix and match and create a style which suits you and your home.

      Have fun creating your unique space

      Kirsty xx

      Shop the look 

      HK living Pendant available in black and Natural $499

      Marigold Leather Cushion $199.00

      Kirsten Jackson Summer Colours $1390 framed in an Oak Frame

      Flower Love Seat black $999

      Bonnie and Neil Magnolia Bees $220

      Bonnie and Neil Kooka a Warra blue $155 cushion

      Armadillo and Co. Dune weave Coal and Limestone $1420 2 x 3m

      Dior Hardcover 'The Art of Colour" $99.00

      R2 Design Copper Candle $36, Tea4two Art Cross $60.00
      Tribal Side Table 40cm in diameter, coffee table available too. $479

      Seacliff side table $330 40cm diameter

      Copper Hills - Antionetter Ferwerda Limited Edition print 
      91 x 91cm unframed $825

      Langdon Ltd Orange Ziggy Cushion $149

      Langdon Ltd Gigi Cushion in gold $175

      Lark Linen House throw pink $199.00

      Strelitzia palm $320 without pot

      Jetty pot Sml $65 Med $110 Large $165
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